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14 – 06 – 2021

You need to check out these LGBTQI+ indie artists

This week, we're bringing you five of the best LGBTQI+ indie artists, from upbeat pop rock to icy synth wave - this list contains artists from across the gender, sexuality and sonic spectrum.


Indie duo Boyish recently celebrated the release of their brilliantly titled new EP ‘We’re all gonna die, but here’s my contribution’, a collection of 4 dreamy pop tunes for fans of Clairo and Lucy Dacus. Their track ‘F*CK YOU HEATHER’ recently crossed 1 million streams, while other tracks from the band’s discography can be found in huge Spotify playlists such as Bedroom Pop, softly and Fresh Finds. All in, Boyish tracks can be found in playlists with over 5 million cumulative followers on Spotify, an incredible milestone for an independent band.

Ethel Cain

Ethel Cain is one of the most unique new artists working in modern indie, with a sound combining the dreamy textures of Lana Del Rey with features from emo rap favourites Lil Aaron and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. Her latest project ‘Inbred’ is steeped in dark religious imagery, making it immediately striking when compared to other bright colours of artists in playlists such as Ultimate Indie. Since she first went HOT on our platform in March, Cain has more than doubled her Spotify followers, with 11 million cumulative playlist followers.


LA synthwave band Provoker received a huge bump in editorial support from Spotify recently when they were added to the LGBTQ+ playlist Out Now. Compared to the brightly coloured, upbeat tracks that make up most of the playlist, Provoker’s icy darkwave is a welcome surprise. Outside of official playlist support from Spotify, the band are a fan favourite within the gothic scene, with tracks in popular user-generated playlists.

Rosie Tucker

Singer-songwriter Rosie Tucker’s latest album ‘Sucker Supreme’ is a must-listen hidden gem for fans of upbeat indie rock. With placements in Spotify’s huge indie playlists Text Me Back and Undercurrents, as well as Punk Unleashed and New Alternative, Tucker’s eclectic sound is certainly apparent. All in all, their tracks feature in playlists with 3.5m cumulative followers, with 1.5m streams across the tracks ‘Ambrosia’ and ‘Gay Bar’ alone.

Martha Hill

Putting a decidedly Northeastern spin on classic British indie, Newcastle-based singer-songwriter Martha Hill has been a mainstay of Spotify indie playlist since her track ‘Change’ was released in April. In addition to featuring in the Transistor playlist alongside the likes of The Strokes and St. Vincent, Hill can be found in the more Gen Z leaning Peach, as well as Alternative Pride. The Spotify algorithm has also picked up on Hill’s growing audience, placing her tracks in several particle detector playlists, including The Edge of Art Pop and The Edge of English Indie Rock, suggesting that she is resonating with fans of these genres.

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