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25 – 03 – 2021


Globetrotting DJ/producer Wacomo is HOT🔥 after his new single ‘I Want U to B Here’ was added to Spotify’s 1.1m follower All New Indie playlist. Since he released the track and got added to the playlist, where he features alongside the likes of Lana Del Rey, Wacomo’s Spotify followers have increased by 21%.

Watch the video for 'I Really Want U to B Here'

Wacomo is a globetrotter artist, DJ and record producer, born in New York, raised in Mexico City and now splitting his time between London and Los Angeles.

With his music, he recreates the familiar places and the different sonic landscapes he was immersed in as a child. He is passionate about architecture, which he is minoring in at Yale University. That passion transpires through his ability to understand musical space; Wacomo pushes the boundaries of his music to create something beautiful that lives within the walls of house music but that naturally progresses towards something new and unexplored.

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, he decided to take a leave of absence from his studies at Yale to focus on his music and is now splitting his time between Los Angeles and London, where his family is currently based. Wacomo has a history of moving around the globe from a very young age; growing up, and blessed with 3 passports, he spent most of his summers splitting time between Bilbao, Spain - his mother’s birthplace and hometown for that side of the family - and London - where he has family on his father's side.

His debut release “Broken Strings” was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and on Apple Music’s Best Of the Week UK Playlist and Breaking: Electronic in over 44 countries, amassing over 1M streams to date across all platforms. His latest release, She Said/IRWUTBH, has organically gained over 600k streams since its release in September of last year.

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