26 – 03 – 2021

The Rock Chart (Week 12, 2021)

Artists from the US take the lead on the latest Instrumental Rock Chart, with a wide range of subgenres making an appearance. Rising pop punk stars Magnolia Park top the chart off the back of a run of increasingly successful singles, with indie rock, Americana and death metal also making an impact.

Rising pop punks Magnolia Park top this week’s Instrumental Rock Chart after releasing their new single ‘TDH2S’ last week. The track already has 21k streams on Spotify, featuring in the New Punk Tracks playlist with 192k followers, and 8.8k views on YouTube. Magnolia Park’s Spotify following has grown by 7.98% since ‘TDH2S’ was released, as well as 3% growth on Instagram and 6% on YouTube. The band’s biggest platform, however, is TikTok, where Magnolia Park have 67.7k followers and 456k total likes.

Another TikTok success story, our #2 artist is emo rapper Zac Greer. Last week, his video covering YNW Melly got over 300k views on TikTok, which he used as a springboard to tease his upcoming track ‘Melatonin’. These viral moments on TikTok boosted Zac Greer’s Spotify following by 6.77% in 7 days, as well as providing a bump to his socials.

US artists dominate the rest of the char: Genre-bending duo USERx, who released their self titled EP on March 13th; singer-songwriter Ethan Tasch, who dropped his single ‘How Are You’ on March 24th; pop rock artist Fitz, who releases his album ‘Head Up High’ today, which contains singles found in Spotify’s All New Rock playlist (270k followers); and Losers Club, who went HOT on our platform earlier this week.

Representing the UK, British singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd increased her Ix Score - our proprietary metric comprising streaming and social growth - by 3 points in the week since she released her latest single ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ The track features in a number of editorial playlists including The Rock List, The Indie List and Punk Unleashed.

Finnish melodic death metal band Mariana’s Rest bring the heavy to this week’s rock chart after receiving editorial support from Spotify, with the band’s tracks featuring in New Metal Tracks (500k followers) and Black & Dark Metal (256k followers), growing their Spotify popularity score by 3 points in a week.

On the less abrasive side of things, Brazillian indie singer-songwriter Ale Slater and Canadian folk artist Allison Russell round out the top 10. The former released his EP ‘Fantasmas’ on March 19th, increasing his Spotify following by 11% over the past week, while the latter is featured in playlists with followers totalling 3.8M. This includes recent additions to Morning Acoustic (1.2m followers) and Chill as Folk (794k followers), leading to a 35.2% increase in her followers in just 7 days.

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