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17 – 03 – 2021

Teeth Agency

Editorial support from Spotify sent experimental art electronic duo Teeth Agency HOT🔥. Since Teeth Agency’s tracks ‘Monique’s Mood’ and ‘Anon’ were added to Spotify’s 500k follower Jazztronica playlist and Counter, a playlist for up-and-coming alternative music, their followers have increased by 15%.

Teeth Agency is London-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and member of Gorillaz live band Jesse Hackett and Chicago-based multimedia artist Mariano Chavez. After Jesse bought a vintage ‘dental phantom’ from Mariano’s Agent Gallery in Chicago, the pair began a stimulating exchange of creative ideas, inspired by unconventional music, macabre art and striking artefacts. This became the beginning of a new venture, combining music, art and film.

Teeth Agency are united by their morbid curiosities, as well as their interest in a range of rare musical styles from casio organ violin laments, to lizard lounge jazz, stoner doom psych, and absurdist soul horrorrama. Since the beginning of their partnership, Teeth Agency have created audio/visual based works, art books and exhibitions, which capture what they call the essence of their creativity and their ‘free flow of ideas’.

In 2020, the duo released an EP on Stones Throw, Piano Man Breeds Love, featuring collaborations with Mercury Prize-nominated artist ESKA and producer Bullion, and collaborated with an all-star cast of Ugandan musicians including Otim Alpha, Lawrence Okello and Omutaba for the project ‘Metal Preyers’. Their self-titled album on Nyege Nyege Tapes was included in Crack Magazine’s Top 50 Albums of 2020 and Bandcamp’s Best of 2020 list.

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