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11 – 05 – 2021


Swedish dream pop artist Sindy is HOT🔥 after receiving playlist support from Spotify for tracks from his latest album ‘HORROR HEAD’. Sindy’s tracks ‘EDGE GIRL’ and ‘BIG SCARE’ feature in Fresh Finds: Indie and Fresh Finds: Rock respectively, with the artist’s Spotify following increasing by 173% over the past week.

Watch the music video for 'EDGE GIRL':

Sindy, the project of Swedish musician Tom Serner, only released its acclaimed debut EP last summer, and is now set to release its debut LP HORROR HEAD, co-produced with Jacob Haage (El Perro Del Mar, HOLY etc). The album is a technicolor realisation of Serner’s vision; it filters his influences through a dream pop lens, recasting a decade’s worth of indie rock in the mould of Cocteau Twins, while taking influence from the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Sebadoh and Daniel Johnston. At the centre of it all are Serner’s breathy vocals - think an off-kilter Elliott Smith, delivering what Serner himself describes as “seriously deranged four-chord songs”. 
 “ I think I’ve been exploring the discomfort of imperfection, trying to get uncomfortably close”

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