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15 – 06 – 2021

Saint Wade

Neo R&B singer-songwriter Saint Wade is HOT🔥 after seeing a 24% increase to his Spotify following off the back of new single ‘Hate Me’. The vocalist mobilised his 13k follower strong Twitter audience to drive over 8k streams since the track dropped on Friday, despite receiving little playlist support from Spotify. In addition to his own music, Saint Wade has lent his voice to several dance tracks and remixes, with those songs sitting in playlists with over 2.2m cumulative followers.

Watch the music video for 'Hate Me':

Saint Wade is from a small, quiet suburb near Orlando, Florida - after floating around his home state for a while, he just recently decided to relocate to Los Angeles in early 2020 to pursue his passion for music. Saint grew up singing worship in his church, and being the son of a minister - it’s almost like destiny just had to take it’s course. Though he grew up taking lessons in Piano and Guitar, none of the sort sparked his interest as did singing and songwriting. You'll hear a lot of early R&B/Pop influence in his voice, with heavy inspiration from artists such as Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, and Freddie Mercury.

Saint is determined to create his own style of music, and set on connecting to people around the world who battle daily struggles of acceptance, sexuality, and heartbreak. Brace your emotions - and be prepared to dance, laugh, and cry through each track. Although every song has it’s own unique flavor - if you listen through his discography, you’ll hear a carefully curated theme throughout every record... and that’s just what Saint is known for. Telling a cohesive story without the limits of time or space. Everything he releases seems to play a small part in the bigger picture of his journey, and what he’s gone through to be able to translate that struggle into his music, and to help others through that medium.

Dive into the magic of “Saint Wade” and let your story melt into the one he’s so tastefully shared directly from his heart, through his music.

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