23 – 04 – 2021

Rock Chart (Week 16, 2021)

Pop punk bands from the US dominate our Rock Chart this week, with Losers Club climbing the ranks since they first went HOT four weeks ago. The power of editorial support from Spotify is fully on display this week, with multiple artists featuring in New Punk Tracks, The Scene and Pop Punks Not Dead.

Moving up from #8 on our last Rock Chart to pole position this week, pop punk band Losers Club continue their Hot Streak thanks to the streaming success of their track ‘Fux With Your Head’. Despite limited editorial attention from Spotify themselves, Losers Club currently feature in playlists with followers exceeding 300k, with 41k monthly listeners and 20% weekly follower growth.

Representing Brazil as one of the two non-US artists on this chart, Sophia Chableau e Una Enorme Perda de Tempo have grown their Spotify following by 50% since they released their self-titled debut album on April 8th. The group have also grown their Instagram following by 30% over the past month, with over 4,000 views on the music video for ‘Delícia/Luxúria’.

With pop punk acts topping the rock chart for the second week in a row, the genre continues to go from strength to strength; four out of the ten acts on this week’s chart play variations on the genre. They include: Lovejoy, whose Spotify followers have increased by 50% since they were added to Spotify’s The Scene pop punk/emo playlist; First and Forever, whose total playlist followers exceed 1 million. Finally, Meet Me @ The Altar’s latest single ‘Hit Like a Girl’ received a huge editorial push from Spotify, with inclusions in New Punk Tracks, Pop Punk’s Not Dead and Fierce Femmes.

Our #4 entry, Fitz, also returns from the last rock chart - up three places from #7. Fitz features in Spotify playlists with more than 10 million cumulative followers, including Young and Free and Just Good Music and his followers on the streaming platform have grown by 56% since releasing his album ‘Head Up High’.

At #6, Aussie garage punks The Terrys have seen support from Spotify and national radio station Triple J around their latest release ‘Our Paradise’, while ska punks Joystick! have seen a 3 point increase in Spotify popularity score following the release of their album ‘Rinse and Repeat’.

Wrapping up the chart, indie punk band Pinkshift were also recently added to Pop Punks Not Dead and New Punk Tracks - with their total playlist followers now exceeding 800k - and electronic trio Culture Wars, whose track ‘Leave Me Alone’ has been used in over 5,100 TikToks.

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