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05 – 05 – 2021


R&B newcomer Rmarni is HOT🔥 off the back of her debut single release ‘So High’, with a giveaway on her Instagram leading to a spike in her Spotify followers of 259% in under a week. By following Rmarni on Spotify, SoundCloud and Instagram, her fans had a chance to up to £250 cash alongside other prizes. Elsewhere, Rmarni features on Arman Cekin’s track ‘Money’, which appears on 115k follower Trap City playlist on Spotify.

Watch the music video for 'So High':

Inspired by turn of the century R&B legends like Beyoncé, Aaliyah, Brandy and Ashanti, Dudley born newcomer Rmarni merges these influences with the sonics of today, drawing from elements of afrobeats, neo soul, drill and more to inform her smooth and unapologetically honest sound. Dreamy debut single 'So High' is a reflection on past love and the bittersweet realisation that you'll never go back there, despite how good it felt. With more new music on the horizon, Rmarni has laid down a marker as one of 2021's most exciting new voices.

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