17 – 05 – 2021

Introducing the Womxn of TikTok

This month, frtyfve records launch the Womxn of TikTok campaign, a compilation of tracks spotlighting the most exciting female-identifying talent on TikTok.

At Instrumental, we’ve made it our mission to use data to discover, profile and rank the hottest independent talent in the world, and help them realise their career goals.

With that in mind, here are some shocking statistics about the music industry. Recent studies have shown that women make up only:

5% of producers

6% of sound engineers

14% of songwriters

16% of artists

This gender imbalance is the reason Little Mix were recently quoted saying, “It’s not easy being female in the UK pop industry. We’ve seen the white male dominance, misogyny, sexism and lack of diversity,” in their historic BRIT awards acceptance speech. Last week, they became the first ever all-female group to win the Best British Group award in the ceremony’s 43 year history, sending a message of empowerment to fellow female artists.

“We’re proud of how we’ve stuck together, stood our ground, surrounded ourselves with strong women, and are now using our voices more than ever.”

frtyfve records recently announced their Womxn of TikTok campaign, a collection of cover singles shining a light on the best female-identifying talent TikTok has to offer. Check out the playlist to listen to the tracks released so far.

Each track is a cover of a song originally performed by a female artist, with the music produced by women and the artwork created by the wonderfully talented Rosa Kusabbi. The aim of this campaign is to be the change we wish to see in the world, and give a platform to female-identifying creatives within the music industry.

Now in its third year, frtyfve’s Turn Her Up collective aims to celebrate and champion female-identifying creatives across the globe. After two years of successful campaigns, Womxn of TikTok is arguably the most ambitious project yet, with the end result being a compilation album of tracks written, recorded and performed by female-identifying artists.

frtyfve label director Emma Banks had this to say about the campaign: “A lot of the time, the artists we spoke to had never written with another female artist, or they could never find a female producer. They felt like they’d been overwhelmed or overlooked in sessions, so they’re opinion wasn’t important or valid.”

“The whole purpose of Turn Her Up is to celebrate women across every aspect of the creative industry the whole way through the process....It’s about giving a nod to women who have found it really hard to get their voice heard.”

New tracks in the Womxn of TikTok campaign are being released every day this month. Keep an eye on our socials for more details.

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