29 – 04 – 2021

Introducing the New Music Society, in partnership with Avakin Life

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Avakin Life, the 3D virtual world where users can build their own avatar and engage in experiences as though it were real life.

We have worked with Avakin Life to create our very own music venue within the game - the New Music Society - where players can hang out and hear the best new music from frtyfve’s roster, as well as exclusive live performances each month!

At Instrumental, we’re always on the lookout for partners that share our ethos and goal of providing unique opportunities to independent artists to help them grow, and this partnership with Avakin is no different. Gaming and music are becoming ever more intertwined, with huge activations from major label artists over the past couple of years, and we can now offer these opportunities to exciting independent artists through our partnership with Avakin.

Avakin Life is a mobile playground of self-expression where more than 7 million monthly users socialise and create without barriers. 250 million accounts have been created since the experience launched in 2013, and our collaboration seeks to give fast-growing independent artists a platform to reach millions of new fans.

Our first gig is a week-long residency from US-based singer-songwriter and TikTok star Leanna Firestone, starting on Friday, April 30th.

We’ve been working with Leanna Firestone since late 2020, when we discovered her track ‘Strawberry Mentos’ through our social and streaming data. Leanna has already had a brilliant start to 2021, with her single ‘Least Favourite Only Child’ crossing 1 million streams on Spotify, whilst also racking up 336k followers and 10 million likes on TikTok. Leanna Firestone’s latest single ‘Burnt Out’ was released on April 23rd, and her performance in the New Music Society is an opportunity to catch tracks exclusively recorded for the session.

Here’s what Leanna had to say about performing at the New Music Society: “I'm so excited to be working with Avakin Life and frtyfve because they're giving me an opportunity to perform my music in a way that I've never experienced before! I'm stoked to be able to put on an entirely digital gig!"

To experience the New Music Society and see Leanna Firestone perform her biggest tracks, new players should search for ‘Avakin Life’ on their mobile device’s app store, create a unique Avakin, then select ‘New Music Society’ from the in-game ‘Travel’ list from April 30.

Download Avakin Life now.

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