03 – 08 – 2021

frtyfve records partners with Hipgnosis to bring a TikTok hit to streaming services for the first time

Last Friday marked the official streaming release of DJ Cummerbund’s mash-up ‘Love Shack (Tik Toxic Remix)’, the soundtrack to #WholeShackShimmay, one of the biggest TikTok dance trends of the year.

The full track was released through frtyfve records in partnership with Hipgnosis, the music royalties fund who own the rights to The B52’s ‘Love Shack’, the vocals from which are used on the mash-up. In order to officially release the track, DJ Cummerbund and Hipgnosis re-recorded the uncleared musical samples from scratch, with the full three minute version now available on all streaming platforms.

With 700k videos created and 10.7M total views across those videos, ‘Love Shack (Tik Toxic Remix)’ was a staple of For You Pages across the world when it was released at the end of 2020. The track is still popular on the short-form video app to this day, ushering in a wave of similarly surprising mash-ups, with DJ Cummerbund himself racking-up 320k followers and 4.5m likes posting videos like ‘Astronaut in the Ocean x Cake By the Ocean’ and ‘WAP x Rammstein’.

#MashUp has 5.6BN views on TikTok, with established and new artists alike posting their most inventive musical fusions. But mash-ups can be a tricky game when it comes to official releases, with both sampled tracks requiring the correct clearance, an oftentimes convoluted legal process involving multiple stakeholders on each side.

Fortunately, as a music royalties fund who own the rights to both individual tracks and artists’ entire catalogues, Hipgnosis are in a prime position to facilitate such mash-ups. Once they started to notice a boost in streams of The B-52’s 1989 track ‘Love Shack’, they worked with DJ Cummerbund to obtain the necessary clearances from the band and re-record the uncleared musical samples.

Founded in 2018, Hipgnosis not only acquires the rights to songs and catalogues, but manages synchronization for these songs in films and TV, interpolation (covers, remixes, mash-ups), and recently ventured into licensing for NFTs. Representing such classic artists as Journey and The B-52s, and newer songwriters like Benny Blanco and Jack Antonoff, Hipgnosis owns or partially owns over 57,000 songs.

As a digital-first growth team with experience working with TikTok-centric artists such as Cassidi, Paravi and Leanna Firestone, frtyfve are the ideal partner to share DJ Cummerbund and Hipgnosis’ work with the wider world. While ‘Love Shack’ has been popular on TikTok for a while now, users had only heard one minute of the track. The hardest part of breaking any new track is getting people to listen to it in the first place; 10 million people have heard ‘Love Shack’ (Tik Toxic Remix) - the job now is to remind people why they loved it in the first place.

Click here to listen to ‘Love Shack’ (DJ Cummerbund Tik Toxic remix) on streaming services now.

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