28 – 05 – 2021

Pop Chart (Week 21, 2021)

Half of the artists on this week’s pop chart will be familiar to those who tuned into this year’s Eurovision song contest, resulting in one of the most geographically diverse charts we’ve seen so far. Entries from the UK, Netherlands, Romania, Lithuania and San Marino feature on the chart, with the rest of the chart comprising of US-based artists and one entry from Indonesia.

While the UK didn’t make an impact in the Eurovision competition this year, British entry James Newman came out tops on our chart, with 6 point growth to his Instrumental Ix Score since Eurovision aired. Our Ix Score is a composite measure of social and streaming growth, with Newman seeing 78% growth to his Twitter audience and 61% growth to his Spotify following. In addition to editorial playlist support from Spotify, Newman’s Eurovision track ‘Embers’ is currently #23 in the Global Viral 50 Chart.

Also currently reaping the benefits of their Eurovision performances, the Netherlands’ Jeangu Macrooy saw a 10 point bump to his Ix Score; Romania’s Minelli received editorial playlist attention from Spotify; Lithuania’s THE ROOP grew by 58% on Spotify and 12% on YouTube, while San Marino’s entry Senhit grew by 56% on Spotify with 7 million cumulative playlist followers.

Indonesian acoustic singer-songwriter Yahya is the only artist in the top 5 not from Eurovision this week. His track ‘keepyousafe’ is currently having a moment on TikTok, featuring in 8.5k videos, including one with almost 10 million views. This drove traffic to his YouTube channel, which has grown by 10% in the last week, and landed him on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart at #18.

FRogers is a familiar face, topping our last Indie Chart after a consistent stream of singles throughout the year. His latest track ‘Right Ones (Cecily Takes an Awkward View) features in Spotify’s 202k follower New Punk Tracks playlist. Also returning from our last Pop Chart, Hong Kong Boyfriend and SEB return after continuing to grow their Spotify followings.

Finally, at #9, frtyfve artist Delaney Bailey lands on the chart after seeing 11% growth to her Spotify following. Her tracks feature in several of the recently rebranded Curated Playlists including Calming Acoustic and Songs to Cry To.

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