30 – 04 – 2021

Pop Chart (Week 17, 2021)

A mixture of genres feature on this week's pop chart, with folk pop trio Trousdale coming in at #1. R&B artists from the USA make an impression, while two acts return from last time.

Folk pop trio Trousdale top this week’s Instrumental Pop Chart, with massive playlist support for their single ‘Wouldn’t Come Back’ from recent EP ‘Look Around’. Trousdale’s tracks have been added to Spotify editorial playlists with over 20 million cumulative followers since ‘Look Around’ dropped, leading to 118% Spotify follower growth.

While group's largest individual platform is TikTok, where they have over 130k followers and 1.4m likes across their videos, the band have also seen 30% growth on Instagram and 26% on YouTube - leading to an exponential increase in their Instrumental Ix Score to 77. Our Ix Score is a proprietary composite measure of social and streaming growth.

At #2, alternative R&B singer-songwriter Hong Kong Boyfriend has seen an 11 point growth in his Ix Score since the start of April thanks to growth on Instagram, YouTube and Spotify. The music video for his track ‘Sharlene’ has racked up 31k views in three weeks, increasing his subscriber count by 115%. HKBF’s Instagram following has also grown by 72% since dropping ‘Sharlene’, which has received editorial support from Spotify.

Kings Elliot and Chloe Angelides return from our last Pop Chart, both moving up the chart thanks to growth on Spotify, while First and Forever will be familiar to anyone who checked out last week’s Rock Chart. The pop punk band prove that the genre can compete with more mainstream sounds, with placements in Spotify’s The Scene and Pop Punk’s Not Dead playlists.

Elsewhere on the chart R&B acts made an impression, with Papichuloteej, Bellah and Esty making an appearance. Papichuloteej features in Spotify’s tastemaking Anti-Pop and Lorem playlists which have 1.5 million followers between them, while both Bellah and Esty have recently released performances on A COLORS SHOW. Esty has also made a name for herself by uploading rollerblading videos to Instagram and TikTok where she has 150k and 96k followers respectively.

Rounding out the list is Country Pop singer-songwriter Sammy Arriaga, who has grown his Spotify audience thanks to editorial support - with his tracks featuring in playlists with 1.3 million followers. Finally, indie pop artist SEB, with tracks from his EP ‘Coney Island’ featuring in Spotify playlists such as Indie Pop Chillout (193k followers) and text me back (145k followers).

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