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13 – 04 – 2021


Bass house producer Nostalgix is HOT🔥 after dropping her latest track ‘Realest’ on April 9th thanks to a 6% bump in weekly Spotify followers. The DJ’s previous single ‘BOOM’ was added to’s 356k follower Glitter and Glowsticks dance playlist, bringing Nostaglix’ total Spotify playlist followers to over 460k. Her track ‘Bassline Drip’ also features in Spotify’s Bassline Bangers playlist.

Watch Nostalgix live from Alaya Online Music Festival

Nostalgix is taking the bass house scene by storm with her refreshing sounds, positive energy, and electrifying performances. Hailing from Iran, and raised in Canada, this producer flawlessly executes everything she creates and exudes boss energy everywhere she goes. As a proud woman in the music industry, this modern day 90's "it-girl" is on a mission to create a positive and loving environment within the dance music scene.

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