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15 – 03 – 2021

Mollie Collins

UK D&B DJ Mollie Collins is HOT🔥 as a result of playlist support from Spotify and electronic label UKF. Collins’ own tracks and remixes feature in playlists such as Spotify’s Stepping Out (268k followers) and Jump Up Drum and Bass (29k followers), as well as UKF’s 170k follower Drum and Bass Top 50. This support has seen her Spotify followers jump by 6% over the past week and her popularity score increase by 3 points.

Starting her DJ career in 2015, mollie was awarded best breakthrough DJ in 2017. She also became the Kiss FM D&B presenter in 2018. Mollie has excelled from just a ‘DJ’ to a producer with massive commercial bangers such as Lost & Found, Friends + Many more. As well as launching her own label ‘Right Good Records’ in 2019 as a home for her music and others, she also won her second award in 2020 - ‘Best Female Artist’ for the very first time after 5 years deep in her career. 
 It’s safe to say Mollie started a mission way back in 2015 and has grown massively over the years, opening doors and pushing barriers constantly.......who knows what’s yet to come!

Bio provided by artist/management and not written by Instrumental

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