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14 – 07 – 2021

Maria BC

Dreampop singer-songwriter Maria BC is HOT thanks to 32% weekly follower growth on Spotify and a 3 point bump to her popularity score on the streaming platform. With tracks in Spotify’s Dreampop and Folk Arc editorial playlists, as well as press and playlist support from Pitchfork, tracks from Maria BC’s EP ‘Devil’s Rain’ have racked-up thousands of streams on Spotify since their release earlier this year.

Watch Maria BC's music video for 'Adelaide':

Lockdown has been a time of great intimacy for people across the globe, interrogating thoughts previously buried under busy schedules, bustling commutes and never-ending to-do lists. The debut EP from Ohio-born, New York City-based artist Maria BC leans heavily into this sense of closeness and emotional vulnerability.

Recorded in their apartment through April and May, the ‘Devil’s Rain’ EP is concerned both with nostalgia and carving a better path forwards. From religion to childhood memories and giving advice to a depressed version of yourself, it’s a debut statement that tackles the big questions with openness and grace. Created in a period of what they call “extraordinary urgency,” Maria says they became “obsessed” with the project. “Nothing about it is comforting. Music just seems necessary for whatever reason,” they say.

Musically, the EP is gorgeous and sparse, with Maria’s classical training as a mezzo-soprano mixing with hushed pop melodies and a love for the quiet grandeur of Grouper. In order not to disturb their neighbours and roommates during lockdown, Maria had to write and record the music on ‘Devil’s Rain’ quietly. This added layer of intimacy onto an already stark emotional period is stunningly portrayed on ‘Devil’s Rain’; it feels like you’re right there in the apartment with them.

(Bio provided by artist/management and not written by Instrumental)

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