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30 – 04 – 2021

Lightning Bug

Indie-folk band Lightning Bug are HOT🔥 after releasing new single ‘September Song pt ii’, which was added to the Spotify editorial playlists Fresh Folk and Fresh Finds: Rock. Since the track was released, the group’s Spotify popularity score has grown by 2 points, with inclusions in a number of particle detector playlists for different indie microgenres.

Watch the music video for September Song, pt ii:

A lightning bug glows with the aid of a chemical called luciferin, derived from Latin for “light-bringer”. Lightning Bug began as three friends who made music together to bring each other light. The music we make continues to hold that purpose at its heart. Each song is born from a cycle of tension and release as I struggle to do the right thing, to follow the right path, and to become who I want to be. These struggles within the individual are mirrored in the greater patterns of life and nature. The music of Lightning Bug is an attempt to record the deepest experiences in the self and connect them outward.

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