Hot Artist Alert

28 – 06 – 2021

Liana Flores

Liana Flores’ track ‘rises the moon’ is currently taking off on TikTok, featuring as the soundtrack to over 80k videos, boosting the singer-songwriter’s streaming and social stats considerably over the past two weeks.

While the hushed acoustic song was initially released in 2019 on the ‘recently’ EP, it entered Spotify’s Viral 50 - USA chart at #4 last week after crossing 4m streams. ‘rises the moon’ also features in the 2 million follower Chill Vibes playlist alongside the likes of Billie Eilish and Frank Ocean.

Since going viral on TikTok and receiving this editorial playlist support from Spotify, Liana Flores’ following on the streaming platform has grown by 17.6% and her popularity score has seen a 4 point boost. Flores’ socials have also seen accelerated growth over the past 30 days, with a 34% increase to her Instagram following and 100k views across her YouTube channel.

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