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01 – 03 – 2021

Kamrin Houser

An addition to Playstation Music’s Hip Hop Takeover playlist sent Kamrin Houser HOT🔥 on our platform, spiking his Spotify followers by 10% overnight. Houser’s brother, established Soundcloud rapper Lil Skies, curated the 199k follower-strong Playstation playlist which puts Houser’s track ‘Don’t Flinch’ alongside Lil Wayne and Playboi Carti.

Taking influence from his humble beginnings in Chambersburg, PA, Kamrin Houser was born to be a superstar. He and his brother, Lil Skies, spent their childhoods perfecting their craft, growing up in a house full of music. Kamrin’s first official record was released in 2018, and he has racked up a few hits since. His first tour was with his brother Lil Skies’ Dazed & Blazed tour in 2018.

His recent hits “Side Swipe” and “Cashing Out” helped to propel Kamrin to the place he is today. 2020 found Kamrin perfecting his sound. Now, Kamrin is set to take the music industry by storm, developing his own style and making his own lane; establishing his own identity. Kamrin is setting the stage for a major 2021.

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