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15 – 03 – 2021

Jack Omstead

Rapper Jack Omstead is HOT🔥 off the back of editorial support from Trap Nation, with his track AEIOU added to the Chill Nation and CloudNation playlists, which have followers totalling over 400k. Released in late January, AEIOU already has over 200k streams on Spotify.

Amsterdam-born and Toronto-raised Jack Omstead, also known as Little Omer (stylized as Lil' Omer), is "a jack of all trades." He is fully self-sufficient: writing, recording, producing, mixing/mastering, and engineering every record released. And yes, every image, cover art, and video seen is also manufactured solely by him. With no formal training, Jack's passion for composing began at the age of eight when he started creating his first songs on GarageBand. In High School, his love for music grew deeper after he suffered several sports-related injuries. His weekends went from travelling to baseball tournaments to writing and recording vocals in his sister's bedroom closet. Today, Omstead pens songs from his 12 square foot storage room. Despite limited space and resources, he has managed to conquer every track with an arsenal of ranges and tones, giving rise to an angelic vocal. His lyricality and wordplay are astonishing, with a calmed-approach to vivid story-telling and emotion mirroring. His sound can be labeled "pop," but it would be impossible to ignore his hip-hop influence.

Along with each release, he drops the mirroring behind-the-scenes look into his life in his documentary series, "The Making of Lil' Omer." He tells us, "What I'm creating is bigger than music, and sharing my life story with every release allows my audience to connect on a deeper level. Fans deserve to know the individual behind the art." Watch parts I-XV available exclusively on YouTube and IGTV.

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