02 – 07 – 2021

Indie Chart (Week 26, 2021)

Our indie chart this week shows just how diverse independent music can be, with all ten artists pulling from different influences and crafting a unique identity. From colourful indie pop, to artists from Korea and the Philippines breaking through, this is one of our most diverse charts to date.

Leading the charge on this week’s Indie Chart, American singer-songwriter Paper Idol has been on a run of growth on Spotify and YouTube since the release of his EP ‘Mania Days’ last week. Single ‘James Bond’ currently finds itself in Spotify’s 750k follower Metropolis editorial playlist, with older tracks featuring in Alternative Beats and Truly Deeply House.

At #2, Hadji Gaviota is hot off the release of new single FIT PIC, with a 3 point bump to his Instrumental Ix Score since our last chart, from 59 to 62. The Ix Score tracks social and streaming performance, with Gaviota seeing steady growth on Spotify and Instagram throughout the year. Hadji Gaviota’s track ‘HETEROCHROMIA’ features in Spotify’s hugely influential Anti-Pop and Lorem playlists, which have become a hotbed for exciting new alt pop artists.

The first of only four non-American artists on this week’s chart, Philippines native Ace Banzuelo has a strong YouTube presence, in addition to playlisting support from Spotify. In the time since our last Indie Chart was published, Banzuelo has racked up 170k views across his YouTube channel and over one thousand new Spotify followers.

At #4 and 5 respectively, Sally Boy and Remy put their own spin on modern indie R&B, blending elements of pop, indie and hip-hop in different ways to create completely unique sounds. Sally Boy has seen a 6 point increase to his Ix Score since our last chart, releasing the track ‘Good at Being Lonely’ with former Indie Chart topper Hong Kong Boyfriend. Meanwhile, Remy’s track ‘i know why you stay out’ was recently added to several large Spotify editorial playlists, including All New Indie and Tear Drop, triggering 23% growth to his following on the streaming platform.

The UK’s own Martha Hill recently featured as an LGBTQI+ indie artist to watch as part of our Pride month content series. The Newcastle native was featured in several big Spotify Pride playlists, including Alternative Pride and Pride: UK and Ireland. Hailing from South Korea, LUAMEL achieved a 7 point increase to their Spotify popularity score over the past week, releasing new EP ‘Orbital’ on Tuesday.

Indie rock duo Bachelor re-enter the chart at #8 riding the success of their debut album ‘Doomin’ Sun’, increasing their Spotify following by 77% since its release. Josh Lambert - whose acoustic tracks were licensed through frtyfve records - has seen 89% weekly Spotify follower growth since dropping his track ‘Did You Notice’, a more alternative rock driven song. Rounding out the list, Mexican singer-songwriter Caro Valenzuela’s Spotify following has grown by 18% since the release of collaborative single ‘Chocolate’ with Mexican indie group Melted Ice Cream.

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