07 – 05 – 2021

Indie Chart (Week 18, 2021)

This week's Instrumental Indie Chart features artists from across the globe, including the USA, UK, Germany and South Korea. Singer-songwriter FRogers tops the list, with a steady stream of singles leading to consistent Spotify growth over 2021.

US bedroom pop artist FRogers tops this week’s Instrumental Indie chart, with an IX Score of 70 holding steady thanks to a steady stream of singles throughout the year. Despite no receiving no editorial support from Spotify, FRogers’ following on the streaming platform has grown by 60% over the past month, during which time he has released the new tunes ‘Bottleneck’ and ‘Right Ones’. The Spotify algorithm has clearly marked FRogers as one to watch, placing him in Particle Detector playlists for multiple microgenres.

At #2 is indie/alternative artist No Love For the Middle Child, whose tracks feature in Spotify playlists with close to 4 million followers, including massive editorial lists such as Rock Me Up and It’s ALT Good. His latest single ‘Older’ (feat Set It Off) dropped last week and has already amassed over 170k streams on Spotify.

The sole British act on this week’s indie chart, indie punks BILK have seen a 4 point increase in their IX Score over the past week, with tracks added to Spotify’s 198k follower New Punk Tracks playlist. In just over a week, their Spotify followers have increased by 60% to over 10k.

While American artists make up 50% of the chart this week, the rest of the list is a global affair. Singer-songwriter Tim Kamrad has received significant editorial playlist support from Spotify Germany, while fellow German artist Anaïs was recently added to Spotify Germany’s 592k Fruhlings Chillout playlist.

Canadian artist Adam Wendler returns from our previous indie chart thanks to even more global playlist support from Spotify, with his tracks now included in lists with 1.3m cumulative followers. Finally Korean artist eAeon saw a 40% increase in Spotify followers after being added to a number of K-Music Spotify playlists.

The rest of the chart comprises of American artists: Freak Folk artist and sometime-YouTube personality Matt Sweeney’s tracks feature in Spotify playlists with over 4.6m cumulative followers, with a 4 point bump in his IX Score over the past week. You may recognise SEB from last week’s Pop Chart; playlist support across his discography and features led to 11% growth in his Spotify followers over the past week. Rounding out the list, indie super duo Bachelor have editorial backup from Spotify and BBC Radio 6.

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