09 – 04 – 2021

Indie Chart (Week 14, 2021)

Artists from the US and Canada make up 7 out of the 10 entries on this week’s Indie Chart, with former American Idol contestant Cody Fry taking the #1 spot following the success of his track ‘I Hear a Symphony’ on TikTok.

Cody Fry's track, which now has 8 million streams on Spotify, features on a new trend where users make a sweeping statement and then contradict themselves in time with the hook. Since the song took off on TikTok, Fry’s Ix Score - Instrumental’s proprietary metric combining social and streaming growth - has increased by 3 points.

Cody Fry is joined on the chart by fellow US indie pop artists Moonroof at #5 and girlhouse at #6, who are both HOT on our platform thanks to editorial support from Spotify boosting their followers on the streaming platform.

At #2, indie R&B vocalist Shantel May has boosted her Ix Score by 4 points following the release of her EP ‘Don’t Let Them See You Cry’, which features tracks added to The Newness (754k followers) and Fresh Finds: The Wave (106k).

Indie folk artists also made an impact this week, with Adam Wendler, Aliocha and Flock of Dimes appearing on the chart. The latter artist was featured in the likes of the New York Times and The Guardian in the run-up to her new album ‘Head of Roses’, which contains tracks featured in Fresh Folk (642k followers) and All New Indie (1m followers) playlists.

Rounding out the chart are indie rock bands KAFFKIEZ, NEWDAD and Major Murphy, whose new releases all received editorial attention from Spotify. Earlier this week, we wrote about how NEWDAD sustained their 10 day Hot Streak which is on track to continue.

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