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05 – 07 – 2021

Hot Streak: VANO 3000

Going HOT🔥 on our platform is a huge achievement for an artist, as it means one or more of their social or streaming channels has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. But some artists manage to sustain this growth over a longer period, racking up a Hot Streak.

On June 1st, beatmaker and TikTok creator VANO 3000 had just over 3k followers on Spotify and 8.6k on Instagram. On July 1st, he crossed 36k followers on Spotify and 15.7k on Instagram, a 900% and 84% increase to each platform respectively.

The catalyst for VANO 3000’s rapid growth? His track ‘Running Away’ features on one of the most popular TikTok trends of the year, appearing as the soundtrack to over 680k videos recreating classic Adult Swim bumpers. The song - which heavily samples Badbadnotgood’s ‘Time Moves Slow’ - has since racked up 2.3M streams on Spotify alone, with a further 2.5M views on YouTube.

After a couple of weeks building momentum on TikTok, Spotify finally took notice, adding the track to the Internet People, Big on the Internet and Borderless editorial playlists. Another outcome, one that no one involved in the track’s creation could have predicted, is a surge in interest for US TV network Adult Swim, with Google search traffic reaching an all-time high in June 2021, 20 years after the channel launched.

VANO 3000 is well on the way to becoming a star in his own right, amassing a 260k follower TikTok audience off the back of the trend, which has also helped boost streams across his back catalogue.

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