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14 – 05 – 2021

Hot Streak: M?STIC

Going HOT🔥 on our platform is a huge achievement for an artist, as it means one or more of their social or streaming channels has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. But some artists manage to sustain this growth over a longer period, racking up a Hot Streak.

Does M?STIC seem familiar to you? It might be because we featured him on our site when he first went HOT over a month ago. He’s now on a 28 day Hot Streak thanks to exponential growth on Spotify since dropping his album ‘HUMAN’. The record recently crossed 100k total streams, driven in large part by features in the Trap Nation playlist.

When we first covered M?STIC, his Spotify following had grown by 46% in a week. Since that post, his followers on Spotify have grown by 470% to over 5,000, with his tracks still featured in the 2 million follower Trap Nation playlist.

Watch the music video for 'Stunna':

Producer, songwriter, DJ, and Hood Primitive, M?STIC is a bass music phenom. On a mission to bridge the worlds of Electronic Pop & Trap, M?STIC has pushed a sound that has always been all of his own. Trill high hats, trap snares, and booming 808s that come together to create a signature sound of his own creation. M?STIC never fails to deliver for himself or the headbangers around him.

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