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13 – 10 – 2021

Hot Streak: Josh Lambert

Going HOT🔥 on our platform is a huge achievement for an artist, as it means one or more of their social or streaming channels has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. But some artists manage to sustain this growth over a longer period, racking up a Hot Streak.

Pop rock singer-songwriter Josh Lambert is on a 14 day 🔥Hot Streak🔥, with his Spotify following growing by 117% from 3.9k to over 8k. The release of Lambert’s track ‘Did You Notice’ back in July landed him on our Indie Chart, and his recent Hot Streak comes not long after dropping the music video for the track. ‘Did You Notice’ has already amassed over 140k streams on Spotify despite little editorial support, while ‘Erase Me’, Lambert’s collaboration with Ethan Cutkosky, is on the verge of 200k streams.

Before pivoting to a more rock inspired sound, similar to recent turns by Willow Smith and Machine Gun Kelly, Lambert released acoustic covers of Hoobastank’s ‘The Reason’ and John Mayer’s ‘Who Says’ through frtyfve records. These tracks feature in several Curated Playlists, driving tens of thousands of streams and growing his Spotify profile significantly.

With an edgier sound and success outside of the typical Spotify editorial ecosystem, Josh Lambert counts himself one of the artists paving the way for independent artists going completely their own way. All eyes are on him for the next release, which could be the one that sends him stratospheric.

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