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18 – 03 – 2021

Hot Streak: Cameron Hayes

Going HOT🔥 on our platform is a huge achievement for an artist, as it means one or more of their social or streaming channels has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. But some artists manage to sustain this growth over a longer period, racking up a Hot Streak.

British singer/songwriter Cameron Hayes is on a 20 day Hot Streak following cross platform growth on her socials and streaming platforms. Hayes’ YouTube videos have amassed over 400k views, with her subscribers increasing by 150% since the start of March off the back of popular covers of tracks by Mother Mother and Lana Del Rey.

In addition to success on YouTube, Cameron Hayes’ Spotify followers have more than doubled in the last 20 days - from 1.1k at the start of March to 2.5k. ‘Devotion’ - a track by producer Dimension featuring Hayes - can be found in the popular Spotify editorial playlists Running UK (319k) and Stepping Out (270k).

This growth on Spotify, as well as Hayes’ Instagram, kicked-off after a TikTok of the singer covering Girl In Red’s ‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’ started gaining traction. The video currently has 800k views and 260k likes, with Cameron Hayes currently at 54k followers on TikTok.

This cross platform growth has seen Cameron Hayes’ Ix Score - Instrumental’s proprietary weighted measure of social and streaming growth - grow by 115% in under a month, from 33 in late February to 77 currently. Hayes’ entered our most recent pop chart at #10, and is currently holding that position.

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