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09 – 03 – 2021

Hot Streak: Amaru Cloud

Going HOT🔥 on our platform is a huge achievement for an artist, as it means one or more of their social or streaming channels has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. But some artists manage to sustain this growth over a longer period, racking up a Hot Streak.

Rapper Amaru Cloud has been on a 14 day HOT streak, growing his social and streaming followers through support from the hip hop community. While his tracks do not feature on any editorial Spotify playlists, Amaru Cloud demonstrates the power of popular community playlists, with close to 300k cumulative followers through playlists such as Rap’s Rap Essentials and Worldwide Hits’ Musica En Inglés.

Over the past 14 days, Amaru Cloud has gained 2,000 new Spotify followers - a 16.5% growth - as well as a similar number of Instagram followers. This has led to a 7 point increase in Amaru Cloud’s Ix Score (our proprietary metric combining streaming and social growth) - from 59 when his Hot Streak began to 66 as of today, landing him on Instrumental’s inaugural Hip Hop chart.

Amaru Cloud’s latest track ‘Meant For’ feat G Herbo was released in December 2020, following a slew of singles throughout the year. The artist is currently teasing new music.

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