13 – 08 – 2021

Hip Hop Chart (Week 32, 2021)

While American rappers make up most of this week’s Hip Hop Chart, also included are new entries from South American countries that have never before appeared on an Instrumental Chart. Two artists return from our previous hip hop chart after continuing to see accelerated growth over the past 4 weeks.

American rapper Ken Car$on tops this week’s Instrumental Hip Hop chart following playlist support for tracks from his latest album ‘Project X’. Since the album dropped on July 23rd, Car$on has seen 24% Spotify follower growth, with the track ‘Rock N Roll’ featuring in the 2.5 million follower Most Necessary playlist. In addition to this streaming growth, Ken Car$on has seen 600k views on YouTube and a 22% boost to his Instagram following since ‘Project X’ released.

Slump6s returns from our previous chart, still riding a wave of virality for his track ‘Antisocial’ which remains in several Viral Charts on Spotify. His latest track ‘Moment’ features in Spotify’s 960k follower Big on the Internet playlist. Babyxsosa is also having a viral moment on TikTok with her track ‘Everywhereigo’ taking off on the platform, racking-up 7.2m Spotify followers in the process. The track has seen a massive editorial push from Spotify, featuring in the Big on the Internet and BBE playlists, with over 2 million cumulative playlist followers.

Falke 912 is the first ever artist from Uruguay to feature on any of our charts. Now based in Argentina, the artist is a favourite of Spotify’s Argentine hip hop playlists such as Trapperz Argentina and Flow Al Sur. Back in the USA, rapper $ilkMoney also owes his appearance to TikTok, with his track ‘My Potna Dem’ featuring in 1 million videos on the platform, spreading rapidly thanks to a hand sign routine popularised by users.

New York Rapper Mahaji continues to ride the success of his track ‘Snowing’, which features in an YouTube anime video with over 6.5 million views, climbing to 1.6 million Spotify streams. French rapper Yanns has already amassed 1.3 million views on the music video for his track ‘Ma douce’ in just 3 weeks, with a further half a million streams on Spotify. The track features in the streaming giant’s French rap playlist Pop Urbaine.

Teezo Touchdown also returns from our last chart, riding high from a feature on Tyler the Creator’s latest album ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’. The rapper was recently announced as support for Tyler on his upcoming tour, with his Spotify and Instagram followers spiking once again following the announcement.

Rounding out the list, the Philipines’ JRoa has seen consistent accelerated Spotify follower growth since dropping the track ‘Hangaa’t Maari’ - currently his only on Spotify. His followers have more than doubled over the past month. Finally, hailing from Argentina, Panther recently received a big editorial push from Spotify for his track ‘Tú’, which features in local editorial hip hop playlists with over 800k total followers.

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