18 – 06 – 2021

Hip Hop Chart (Week 24, 2021)

European artists dominate the top 5 of this week's Hip Hop chart, with entries from the UK, France and Germany, while the #1 artist returns from our last list. The rest of the top 10 features US artists from a range of microgenres showing growth on different platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and SoundCloud.

Rapper KA$HDAMI returns to the top of our Hip Hop chart for the second time in a row, continuing to grow his streaming numbers off the back of his new album ‘epiphany’. Since our last chart, KA$HDAMI has more than doubled his Spotify followers, with his tracks featuring in Spotify playlists with close 11 million cumulative followers. His track ‘Reparations!’ is currently #42 on the United States Viral 50 and features as the soundtrack to over 55k TikTok videos.

German hip hop crew 01099 enter the chart at #2 thanks to growth on Spotify and YouTube boosting their Instrumental Ix Score by 8 points in 4 weeks. Our Ix score tracks social and streaming growth, and over the past month 01099 have seen 42% growth to their YouTube subscribers and 31% Spotify follower growth. The music video for ‘DURSTLÖCHER’ has racked-up 950k views in a month, featuring in Spotify’s Top Hits Deutschland and Germany Top 50.

French rapper Green Montana has also seen success on YouTube, with 2.6 million views and 10k new subscribers over the past 30 days. Since releasing his new single ‘Maths’ with K-Trap, drill artist DoRoad has seen a 3 point increase to his Spotify popularity score, with a 10% increase to his followers and placements in the Who We Be and Rap UK playlists.

Rapper Autumn! has already amassed tens of thousands of SoundCloud streams across his latest album Golden Child, Chapter 1, which dropped only a week ago. Taleban Dooda’s tracks feature in Spotify playlists with over 12.5 million followers, including Most Necessary, Signed XOXO and Love, Sex & Water, with the rapper seeing 10% weekly Spotify growth and 1.6m YouTube views over the past month.`

Big Yavo saw a 19.2% increase to his Spotify following when he was added to the Fresh Finds: Hip Hop playlist, while his music video for ‘Ice’ has clocked 386k views on YouTube in just 3 weeks. Japanese rapper Vigorman also saw a spike to his Spotify following thanks to playlist support from Spotify.

Since releasing his 24 track behemoth album ‘Luka Troncic’ on June 6th, Detroit rapper BabyTron has seen 5 point growth to his Ix Score, with 14% growth to his Spotify following and a massive 82% growth on Twitter. Rounding out the list, Benny Mayne has received playlist support from Spotify, Rap Nation and Empire Distribution.

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