14 – 05 – 2021

Hip Hop Chart (Week 19, 2021)

Once again, American artists dominate our hip hop chart this week, with a variety of microgenres making an appearance. Artists we've previously flagged as HOT make an appearance on the chart after seeing significant growth on one or more of their platforms, with 16 year old rapper KA$HDAMI takes the #1 spot.

A variety of diverse sounds make up this week’s Hip Hop Chart, with 16 year-old rapper KA$HDAMI coming out on top thanks to 30% growth to his Instagram and Spotify audiences over the past 7 days. KA$HDAMI’s track ‘Look N The Mirror!’ currently features in Spotify’s 2.5m follower Most Necessary playlist, sharing a tracklisting with the viral likes of Baby Keem and Iamdoechii. In total, KA$HDAMI’s music sits in playlists with 7 million cumulative followers.

EKKSTACY returns from our previous chart, up two spots to #2, with a 3 point increase in his Instrumental IX Score from last time. Our IX Score is a composite measure of social and streaming performance, so an increase represents multiplatform growth. Since our last hip hop chart, EKKSTACY has released the track ‘i want to be by your side’, doubled his total Spotify followers and grown his YouTube subscribers by 71% .

At #3, New York rapper Scorey enters the chart due to growth on YouTube, where he now has over 100k subscribers and 8 million views on the music video for his track ‘Moods’, as well as playlist support from Spotify. Scorey’s songs feature in playlists with over 5 million cumulative followers, such as Most Necessary and Love, Sex, & Water (1.8 million followers).

Overall, US artists make up 6 out of the 10 acts on this week’s chart, with southern rapper Rot Ken HOT again following the release of new track ‘Baby Choppa’, which was added to Spotify’s 134k follower Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji playlist. In the past month, Ken has seen a 9 point increase to his IX Score.

Also from the US are Sunny and Charlie Powers, who both infuse hip hop elements into more pop leaning music. Both have received playlist support from Spotify, with Sunny added to Spotify’s 712k follower Alternative Hip Hop playlist, and Charlie Powers featuring in New Music Friday Canada, among others.

The first of our global entries this week, Turkish rapper Revart has received massive playlist support from his native Spotify, featuring in the Turkey Viral 50 chart on the streaming platform. Hailing from the UK, Dreya Mac is the only female artist on our chart this week, with her COLORS SHOW currently sitting at 210k views on YouTube and 150k streams on Spotify.

German artist OG Locke comes in at #8, featuring in the 1.3 million follower Deutschrap Brandneu and Spotify’s Germany Viral 50. Since our last Hip Hop Chart, Locke has released the single ‘High Papi’ and grown his Spotify following by 41%. Finally, Ghanian-Australian rapper iiiConic is HOT on our database thanks to 6.2% growth in his Spotify followers over the past week.

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