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23 – 04 – 2021


Malaysian hip hop group ForceParkBois are HOT🔥, featuring on Malaysia’s Viral 50 and Top 50 Spotify playlist after releasing single ‘LOTUS’. With a two point boost in Spotify popularity score to 41 and persistent follower growth, the group are on the up - featuring in Particle Detector playlists created by the Spotify algorithm, suggesting they are popular with superfans in their microgenre.

Watch the video for LOTUS:

FORCEPARKBOIS, are a group of rappers from Taman Daya, Johor Bahru. Run by 15 members NAKALNESS, LAWS, CH’K, NSH, BLXCKID, NOEL, ASSET.BO, AALI.3GP, HAN PANAS, PABLO, NEPFLIX, FELRFRANK & ANAKIPUT (Videographer), NIFAIL (Video Editor), AIE (Photographer)

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