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25 – 03 – 2021

Ethel Cain

An editorial push from Spotify around her new single ‘Crush’ sent dream pop artist Ethel Cain HOT🔥, boosting her Spotify followers by 9.51% and increasing her popularity score by 2 points to 40. Cain’s tracks can be found in All New Indie (1.1m followers), The Indie List (289k) and The Other List (126k).

Raised a backwoods churchgoer in the deep south, Ethel Cain combines elements of rock, country & cinematic nostalgia with ethereal vocals & raw lyrics to create her unique sound. Cain is a tall glass of lemonade on a humid, sun-drenched afternoon. Writer, producer, and mixer of her musical content, she is also the architect behind the gritty, haunting visual content that has amassed her loyal, growing following of “Daughters”.

Bio provided by artist/management and not written by Instrumental

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