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24 – 06 – 2021

Elina Filice

Globetrotting and genre bending singer-songwriter Elina Filice is HOT🔥 off the back of the release of her Pride Month single ‘Let’s Get Lost’, with her Spotify following growing by 12% in the last seven days. Elina’s track ‘Thinking Of You’ also appears in Spotify’s big jazz-crossover playlist Butter, driving over 700k streams to the track.

Watch the music video for 'Thinking of You'

Elina Filice is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, and rapper known for songs that defy genre and interactive live performances. Her music is soulful and melodic while being influenced by blues and spoken word.

Born to Canadian parents, Elina spent her formative years in Singapore before moving to Canada to attend University. She spent three years in Dublin where she founded Red Vine Records.

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