20 – 08 – 2021

Electronic Chart (Week 33, 2021)

Our second Electronic Chart continues in the spirit of the first, with German and house artists taking up the most individual spots. Producers and DJs from the US make more of an impact this week, with house producer BYNX topping the list thanks to continued success on TikTok.

With 1.5M followers and 9.2M likes across his videos, TikTok is BYNX’ biggest platform by a considerable margin. Three of his latest videos have over 10M views between them, with his mash-up of Route 94’s ‘My Love’ and Nelly Nurtado’s ‘Say It Right’ racking-up half a million likes alone. The full version now has 32k views on YouTube and triggered 14% growth on BYNX’ Spotify profile. Unfortunately, mash-ups can be a difficult game when it comes to clearing rights so fans may have to wait for the official streaming release.

German house producer Rammor is huge on YouTube, where he has over 251k followers and millions of views across his profile. Over the past month, Rammor has gained 45k subscribers and 12M views on YouTube, with his latest seaside mix bringing in 1.4M views in 3 weeks alone. Also hailing from Germany, Niklas Dee’s Spotify following grew by 156% after being added to The Remix Party Spotify editorial playlist.

Canadian bass DJ Rolls Rollin has seen 17.5% weekly Spotify follower growth, announcing his latest single ‘Punch Bass’ for August 27th, while German singer-songwriter Paul Wetz holds steady at #5 from our last chart.

British duo DMNDS are riding a wave of growth since their track ‘Mr. Saxobeat’ was featured on this year’s Love Island. In addition to featuring on The Sounds of Love Island, DMNDS can be found in the international playlists Hits Du Moment and Sommerhits 2021. American EDM DJ Gaspar has seen 35% growth to his Spotify following, with his latest track strangers approaching 150k streams.

Spanish minimal house DJ Behache has seen 70% Spotify follower growth over the month of August, with tens of thousands of streams across his mixes. Dubstep DJ OG Nixin is reaping the rewards of live events returning with huge shows across the US. Finally, Canadian chillwave producer French Braids has huge editorial support from Spotify, featuring in playlists such as Chill Tracks (3m followers) and Vibra Tropical (560k followers).

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