16 – 07 – 2021

Electronic Chart (Week 28, 2021)

Our inaugural electronic chart features DJs, producers and beatmakers from all over the globe and a mixture of different genres, with German artists occupying three of the top five positions. From intense European techno to calming chill beats from Canada and the UK, the playlist at the bottom of this article is the ultimate weekend mix for every mood.

At #1, Spanish techno DJ Pablo Say saw 96% Spotify follower growth over the past 7 days, with his tracks featuring in several top user-generated techno playlists with hundreds of thousands of collective followers. At #2, Dutch EDM DJ Futureshape saw 31% weekly Spotify follower growth; his tracks feature in playlists with over half a million cumulative followers.

German bass DJ SIYder lands at #3 after a run of streaming growth since June 1st, doubling his Spotify following over the course of the past month, which has seen the release of new single ‘Waves’. Our #4 artist Dexperia further demonstrates the impact of user-generated playlists in electronic music, 21% Spotify follower growth after increasing his total playlist audience by 40% in one week.

We’ve previously featured Paul Wetz as a Hot Artist in March, with the German songwriter-producer releasing three new singles and continuing to grow on Spotify since we first covered him. Canadian artist Vandelux comes in at #6 and is the first artist on the chart to receive editorial playlist support from Spotify, featuring in Chill Tracks (3m followers) and mint Canada (288k followers) among others.

#7 artist, the American EDM DJ Ruff, also received playlisting support from Spotify, featuring in multiple New Music Friday playlists. British producer Barry Can’t Swim’s chilled out jazzy tracks feature in Spotify playlists with 11 million cumulative followers, including Chill Vibes and the cross-genre POLLEN playlist.

Rounding out the chart, Kris Reeve’s pumped up house tunes feature on several popular user-generated workout playlists, and Sterling Grooves grew their Spotify following off the back of features in Fresh Finds: Basement and Chill Tracks.

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