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03 – 08 – 2021


Singer-songwriter DEZI is HOT🔥 thanks to a viral TikTok teasing her track ‘Chaos Mode’ leading to a spike in her followers on Instagram and Spotify, where the track has also received editorial playlist support.

With 6M views and over 1M likes, audiences have latched onto DEZI’s infectious alt pop sound and honest lyrics embracing her bisexuality. In the week after the video was posted, ‘Chaos Mode’ was officially released and DEZI’s Spotify followers jumped from 194 to 15.9k (an 8,000% increase). The track was added to the Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Pop playlists, with close to 1M total followers between the two, and has averaged 28k daily streams since its release.

‘Chaos Mode’ has now cracked 311k streams on Spotify alone, just 11 days after its release, while DEZI is busy teasing her next track on TikTok. A new video of DEZI and her producer listening back to the recording has racked-up over 270k views in under 24 hours with fans eagerly anticipating the track’s release. The organic and fun feeling of DEZI’s TikToks contrasts with the sound of her music, with ‘Chaos Mode’ a dark, electronic slice of alternative pop.

While TikTok is DEZI’s largest social platform in terms of followers, with 172k, her recent virality is starting to have a knock-on effect on Instagram and YouTube. On IG, she gained over 6.5k followers in the week ‘Chaos Mode’ was released (a 242% increase), while the comments on DEZI’s music video for ‘Sinner’ reference fans discovering her via TikTok.

Check out the music video for Sinner

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