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Driving Down Cost of Customer Acquisition for

Driving Down Cost of Customer Acquisition


Finding emerging influencers to drive sales

Fashion, Music, Shopping, Style, YouTube, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Millenials, Teen Guys, Teen Girls

The Brief, an increasingly popular fast fashion brand, tasked Instrumental to take control of and expand its exisiting influencer roster, with the ultimate aim of increasing sales through its website.


Instrumental unearthed and outreached to 50 micro-influencers a day, using a multi-touch sequence working across email and social media. It was decided that the creators would be paid in product, which kept client costs to a minimum and increased the organic nature of the content produced. Instrumental have taken full control of the onboarding process, and tracked content delivery and results.


Within the first month, Instrumental managed to onboard 201 influencers with a combined social reach of over 3,000,000. On YouTube alone, we achieved a cost per view of 0.04p as well as over 3,000 engagements - not to mention a large amount of positive sentiment generated. Following the success of the first month, Instrumental has expanded its outreach to German influencers to help compliment the company's growth in the territory.  

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