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London to New Orleans for British Airways

London to New Orleans

for British Airways

Introducing British Airways new direct flights to New Orleans.

Fashion, Music, YouTube

The Brief

In March 2017 Yahoo looked to Instrumental’s influencer marketing expertise to assist them in delivering on a brief for British Airways. In celebration of BA’s launch of their new direct flight from Gatwick, the airline wanted to bring the amazing city of New Orleans to life. Utilising micro influencers to create their own content in New Orleans helped amplify the story.


We unearthed three British influencers with whose key passion points lay in food, music and art, and facilitated their trip to New Orleans where they could film content to bring to life ‘the amazing people of New Orleans’. Each influencer produced dedicated video content which would live on a bespoke microsite, as well as the influencers’ social channels. Their videos included footage of the flight, the city, and key interviews with relevant New Orleans influencers.


Powerful content was created through the selection of three influencers with such distinct passion points, generated general brand awareness for BA, as well as drawing attention to their new direct flight and the culture-rich city of New Orleans. While the campaign is still underway, results have been extremely successful, one influencers’ content trending on YouTube within the first day of upload.

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