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System Professional - One Year of Energy for Wella

System Professional - One Year of Energy

for Wella

Celebrating System Professional's bespoke hair care products. 

Fashion, Fitness, Technology, Shopping, Hair Care, Style, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Millenials, Mums, Teen Girls, Young Professionals, Luxury

The Brief

Wella appointed Instrumental to lead an influencer campaign promoting its premium System Professional hair care range.

Key objectives were to drive brand awareness and communicate the luxury feel and bespoke nature of System Professional products. But it was not just about generating view numbers - we also needed to drive audience engagement and generate direct traffic to the brand's website.


Instrumental unearthed two luxury lifestyle influencers to communicate the premium product message and drive understanding of the personalised hair care in an authentic way. Our team collaborated with the influencers across multiple social channels, creating content that not only demonstrated the product at work, but also included a strong call to action that inspired audiences to visit the brand website to discover more.


Over 95,000 views were generated within a highly targeted UK audience.

The content inspired over 10,000 reactions and comments dedicated to the brand, which represented an engagement rate of over 10%. Extremely positive brand sentiment resulted, with audiences truly buying into the product benefits.

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