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12 – 03 – 2021

Caleb Hearn

TikTok star Caleb Hearn is HOT🔥 after his Spotify following grew by 13.3% in the week following the release of his single ‘Eye of the Storm’. His track ‘Under the Weather’ - which Hearn featured in a video with 3.8M views - was also recently added to TIKTOK SONGS 2021, a 250k follower user-generated playlist featuring tracks from the short-form video app.

Rapper/Singer Caleb Hearn, also known as "CMH" began writing and producing music at a very young age. Teaming up with fellow rapper "Pardueski," is what got the ball rolling for the young artist. They both put out their first album in 2016 on SoundCloud, called Red in My Veins. Shortly after, dropping their first album on iTunes and Spotify called Headspace. The unsigned independent artist, writes and produces his own music at his home in King, North Carolina.

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