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23 – 03 – 2021

Brennley Brown

Country singer-songwriter Brennley Brown is HOT🔥 after releasing new single ‘Steady’ featuring Bryan Lanning. Since the single dropped on March 19th, Brown’s Spotify followers have increased by 5.87% and she has been added to Spotify’s Country by the Grace of God playlist, which highlights the best in Christian country tracks to 215k followers.

Watch the music video for 'Steady':

When you look at 19yr old Brennley Brown’s hit list, it’s easy to see why Guitar Girl Magazine said she has "accomplished more than some twice her age." Brown has been performing for a living since she was in single digits; sang the national anthem for the opening of the US Open three years in a row before she was twelve; and has been performing every year at CMA Fest since her mid teens. 

In the brief time before she started making music, Brennley Brown was constantly immersed in it. Growing up on a ranch in Apple Valley, California, she was fed a steady diet of traditional country sounds by her father. “As we drove in his truck we would listen to Waylon Jennings and Dolly Parton,” she explains, “they’re still in my sound, influencing the stories I want to tell through my music today.” At age five, bedecked in a pink cowgirl outfit, she took to the stage for the first time at her school’s talent show. However, music quickly became so much more than a hobby. “My mom was diagnosed with Cardiac Lyme disease,” Brown recounts, “Music became a sanctuary, a safe place. It was a healing for both my mom and I, it’s something we could do together.” 

Brown showcases a musical style that echoes vintage country, but never feels bound by it; and a degree of lyrical prowess that marks Brown out as ready for the Billboard. With her authentic approach and an eye for detail, Brennley Brown has proven time and again that she is no flash in the pan.

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