3 Jul 2018

Meet the Team: Aaron Tanner

I grew up in South London, went to university at King’s College London and have been (apart from a short stint in Austria) working at early stage companies in London ever since. My background is in fintech, growing small sales teams and crafting sales strategies that allow a company like Instrumental to scale. In particular, I have worked with product and tech teams to take a beta product into a full state.

What does your role entail?

As Head of Sales, I’m responsible for ensuring we are solving our clients’ discovery problems, crafting a strategy to ensure labels, publishers and live promoters can get the most out of what we’re building and that we help them find the artists that are right for their rosters - in the future I’ll be doing the same thing globally.

What’s the best part of your job?

I really enjoy translating client needs into a solution - whether it’s a bespoke alerting tool to help A&Rs stay ahead of the game, to integrating data management tools and enriching the amount of information labels have access to. Everyone we work with is looking at music in different ways and it’s an exciting challenge to make sure that Instrumental takes that on board. It’s a bit clichéd but the team as a whole is awesome to work with - it makes the tougher challenges easier.

What did you want to be when you were little?

I guess I always had designs on sport or music, the former was pretty unrealistic but the latter has worked out well!

In your spare time, what do you get up to?

I coach an American Football team at my alma mater which takes up a fair amount of my time in Winter and Spring, the rest of the time I’ll be most likely following other sports (that’s a bit of a theme), cooking at home or planning my next trip abroad.

What’s your earliest memory?

I have a vague memory of watching (on TV) Scotland vs the Netherlands at Euro 92 - my mum was conflicted as a proud Scot who fancied Ruud Gullit!

If you had a time machine, would go back in time or into the future?

I studied history, so would probably end up going back.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?

Probably Machiavelli, his writing seems to show that he wasn’t so scheming so I wonder how he would feel about the word attributed to his name.

If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be?


If you have any queries about Instrumental’s A&R scouting platform or want to find out how it can power your music scouting efforts, please get in touch via hello@weareinstrumental.com