29 Jun 2018

Discover the fastest-growing artists with our Hot Score

We’ve built a new score, which makes discovering the hottest artists with the Instrumental A&R scouting platform even easier.

Utilising Spotify and social API data with applied AI processes, our A&R scouting platform unearths the fastest growing and most exciting new artists and tracks. The music discovery platform is currently in closed beta, and we are already powering global A&R teams from across the industry.

What is the Instrumental Hot Score?

We wanted to make the process of unearthing the fastest growing music talent even easier. So we have developed our own score which highlights the artists with exceptionally high growth rates across all of the metrics we track.

How does it work?

The Hot Score ingests all of the metrics we are tracking on a daily basis, including playlist follower growth, artist follower growth and the Spotify Score and combines it with our secret algorithm. To illustrate how the platform displays the results, we've added a few filters to find "Hot" indie/alternative artists (image below).

So, who are the Hottest Artists right now?

Natti Natasha

Dominican singer-songwriter Natti Natasha is the most celebrated female Latin Urban artist since 2010. According to our Hot Score, she is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Topping our Hot Score chart, Natti has just released her new latin-pop single ‘Quien Sabe’, which has picked up over 385,000 streams in its first five days. With over 100 million total playlist followers, after a colossal 27 million growth in the past 7 days, makes her one of the fastest growing artists in the world right now (Instrumental).

Juice WRLD

Chicago hip-hop fast-riser Juice WRLD has gone from strength to strength after a rapid rise over the past few months. Competing in style with high flying introspective and melodic rappers Travis Scott and Post Malone, Juice WRLD has just released new single “Legends”.

Off the back of his Goodbye & Good Riddance record, it seems as if he is gearing up for a huge follow-up. “Legends” which is reportedly an ode to Lil Peep and XXXTentacion has increased his playlist following by over 3.5 million in the past week, taking his total to over 85 million, placing him second in our Hot Score chart (Instrumental).

Billie Eilish

Californian singer Billie Eilish teased her star potential at the tender age of 14 with her debut “Six Feet Under”. Born and raised in LA, Eilish was brought up in a household of actors and musicians. Joining the Los Angeles Children’s Choir at the age of eight, she began developing the soulful vocals that appear on her latest releases.

The release of her debut extended play ‘don’t smile at me’ followed, illustrated the development of her broader electro-pop sound, which fuses effortlessly with her vocals. Her new single “lovely (with Khalid)”, featuring Grammy-nominated Khalid, is the first teaser of the 16-year-old’s debut album. A wonderfully cinematic and tender heartbreaker, the track has picked up over 96 million streams since its release (Instrumental).

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