22 Jun 2018

The Science of A&R

Instrumental CEO Conrad Withey set to discuss ‘The Science of A&R’ at Abbey Road

The Abbey Road Red team are hosting their next Red Talk, on Wednesday June 27th at Abbey Road’s Studio Three.

Entitled ‘The Science of A&R’, key speakers will be discussing the role of gut instinct and data science in forging a combined path towards the discovery of new artists and musical talent in a world full of digital noise.

“Building on a legacy of more than 80 years of groundbreaking technological advances at the Studios, Abbey Road Red is our open innovation department designed to support the endeavours of the brightest music tech entrepreneurs, researchers and developers. We run a unique music tech start-up incubation program – the only one of its kind in Europe – to support the most promising music tech start-ups, as well as collaborating with the brightest minds in academic research. The white lab coats are long gone at Abbey Road but the spirit of adventure is still as present as ever.”

The event’s key speakers include:

Conrad Withey – CEO at Instrumental

Roxanne Greene – Strategic Relationship Manager, EMEA, at Tubular Labs

Matt Riley – Senior Director, Creative at AWAL

Hosted in Abbey Road’s iconic Studio Three, where artists from Pink Floyd and Amy Winehouse, to Florence + The Machine, Lady Gaga and Liam Gallagher have recorded, previous Red Talks have covered cutting-edge topics such as the role of AI in music production.

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