21 Jun 2018

How much can data & analytics really help the music industry?

Instrumental CEO Conrad Withey is set to speak at BPI and ERA’s ‘data and analytics in music’ event.

Record labels association, the BPI, and the Entertainment Retailers Association, ERA, have announced their joint insights session on data and analytics in the music industry, in association with Music Ally.

Data and analytics have long been hailed as being an essential tool in the armoury of the modern-day music organisation – whether a record label or distributor, music retailer or streaming service. But has the hype really lived up to the reality?

The event has been curated by Music Ally CEO/Founder Paul Brindley and will explore the ways in which data and analytics can benefit the operation of modern day music organisations. The Insight Sessions typically explore the relationship between music and tech and how technological developments are shaping trends in music consumption.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • The latest insights on industry data and analytics

  • What role does gut instinct play as opposed to data when it comes to signing artists?

  • It's all well and good having access to so much data but just how much data is actionable?

  • How can organisations most effectively interpret the available data?

  • How have organisations been impacted by data and analytics, and which functions are likely to be further impacted in the future?

  • What should organisations be doing to make sure their metadata is optimised?

Instrumental CEO Conrad Withey will be speaking alongside; Lucy Blair (Artist & Label Services at Spotify UK); Chaz Jenkins (Advisor & Partner,io); Jesper Skibsby (Founder, WARM/World Airplay Radio Monitor); Niclas Molinder (CEO/Founder, Auddly/Music Rights Awareness Foundation); Holly Manners (A&R, Warner Bros. Records); Kevin Bacon (CEO, BLOCKPOOL); Justin Barker (Group Director of Streaming Strategy, PIAS), Phil Bird (Head of Sales, Vistex).

The BPI/ERA session will be held at the BPI’s County Hall offices on Monday 9th July. For ticket information please click here.