21 May 2018

Instrumental discuss the future of AI in music discovery at The Great Escape

On Thursday last week, Instrumental's CEO and Head of Product spoke at The Great Escape’s AI Conference.

CMU’s AI Conference played host to startups, academics and industry leaders, who are employing big data and machine learning to revolutionise the music industry.

Alongside key innovators in the music and technology spaces, Conrad Withey (CEO) and John Kilpatrick (Head of Product) discussed the role that our AI-driven A&R scouting platform will play in the future of music discovery.

Our music scouting platform provides daily insights into how artists and tracks are performing on Spotify. The user can filter by a series of defined parameters (e.g. genre, location, social reach) to identify fast emerging independent/unsigned artists.

Conrad and John explained how the platform ingests Spotify public API data, specifically thousands of influential playlists. Discovered tracks (and the artists creating them) are subsequently pulled in the system. Our data updates on a daily basis allowing clients to see, in near real-time, spikes in artist or track growth. Currently, we are monitoring 4.9m tracks from over 400,000 artists.

“We’re trying to do Spotify brilliantly, but we also have YouTube data and Instagram data, which gives you a richer sense of the data coming through,” Conrad explained.

The continual development of our artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities will help the platform deliver predictive analytics improving our ability to identify high potential artists at a very early stage and alert our users to that critical information ever quicker.

To find out how our platform can power your music scouting efforts, get in touch via hello@weareinstrumental.com