13 Feb 2018

Top 5 Singer-Songwriters In The World Right Now

We’ve recently rolled out our online music scouting tool TalentAI to the music industry. Making use of Spotify and social API data with AI processes, the tool discovers the fastest growing unsigned artists and new tracks.

Using this cutting-edge tech, every week we are highlighting some of the fastest growing artists unearthed by TalentAI. This week we have uncovered the best performing singer-songwriters and picked our favourites.

(NB. For those of you already using TalentAI - we applied the following filters: genre is Folk/Americana, artists have to be on a minimum of two Spotify playlists with over 10k followers & we capped direct followers at 30,000.)

Jamie Scott

Too often the greatest songwriters in the world remain hidden on the sleeves of platinum selling records, but Jamie Scott is a wonderful exception. The craftsman behind One Direction’s ‘Story of My Life’ and Major Lazer’s hit ‘Cold Water’, Scott also enjoys a successful solo project.

Whilst co-writing incredible songs that connect with millions, he has also written stunningly heartfelt tracks for his own release. His latest release ‘Feels So Good’ fits alongside his soft yet euphoric exploration of love and the complex jaunts entangled with it.

Despite it's December release, the track is still out-performing most in its genre. In the past 7 days alone, the track has fuelled a 2.2 million increase in Jamie's Spotify playlist followers, taking his total to over 61 million!

Fenne Lily

Fenne Lily’s tale of a breakup, On Hold, has performed exceptionally well since it’s release; in the past 7 days alone, her playlist following has increased by 1.1 million to over 19 million. Her direct artist following has also grown to over 12,000 (TalentAI). The Dorset raised, Bristol based singer-songwriter began her music career at the age of 15, picking up the guitar with an unruly natural ability. A move to Bristol when she was 18 sparked an exploration of the arts, as she became a keen photographer and member of the growing music community. Whilst her friends were creating techno or raucous indie-rock, Fenne remained loyal to her acoustic and wrote songs about heartbreak. Interestingly, she says her songs are not about wallowing; “my music comes from anger, but I can’t sing angrily, so I sing sadly. It’s a sadness that’s fueled by fury.”

With a post-punk edge, Fenne Lily is not your traditional singer-songwriter, but her lyricism and soft vocal tone complement her style exceptionally. On Hold is the title track from her debut album out in April 2018.

Jade Bird

One of the biggest draws to this week’s genre of focus is lyricism. Jade Bird is showing potential to be one of the most exciting lyricists in the UK. From Hexham and currently based in London, the singer-songwriter has recently released ‘Lottery’, the follow up single to her critically acclaimed ‘Something American EP’.

“You used to tell me that / Love is a lottery / And you got your numbers / And you're betting on me”

A two and a half minute play on numbers, the single is a rugged and brash indie-rock affair, a style that Jade completely owns for the duration of the track. Following the release of Lottery, Jade is now featured on 55 Spotify playlists, giving her a total playlist following of over 12 million and direct following of 8,000 (5% increase on last week).

Liza Anne

With features on Your Favourite Coffeehouse and Infinite Acoustic, Liza Anne’s new single has pushed her total artist playlist followers to over 17 million (TalentAI). The Nashville-via-Georgia singer-songwriter’s third single is taken from her upcoming album ‘Fine But Dying’, out in March via Arts & Crafts. ‘Small Talks’ is an easy-listening indie-rock critique of dull connections and conversations. Lines like “the older I get the harder it gets / Maybe I’m fine, maybe I’m dying / I’m just tired, tired of trying” are examples of her smart lyricism.

Allman Brown

"Miami heat, palm trees in the breeze

You’re the sweetest thing, the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen

Sand at my feet, ocean after that

Silver light of the moon dancing on the waves"

A true and heartfelt ode from Allman Brown. These lyrics are taken from the singer-songwriters latest release ‘Sweetest Thing’. Impossibly catchy and bitterly sweet, Brown’s lyricism is inspired. Whilst intimate in message, the track teases the senses with fantastic vocal execution. Vocal riffs, melodies and his soft tone move the track between personal tales and a floating pop chorus.

Featuring on 33 playlists, the biggest being Your Coffee House, the track which features on his ‘1000 years’ album has been very well received. With over 11 million total playlist followers and 17,000 direct followers, Allman Brown is certainly deserving of this top 5 accolade.

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