30 Jan 2018

Top 5 Pop Artists In The World Right Now

We’ve recently rolled out our online music scouting tool TalentAI to the music industry. Making use of Spotify and social API data with AI processes, the tool discovers the fastest growing unsigned artists and new tracks.

Using this cutting-edge tech, we’ve begun highlighting some of the fastest growing artists unearthed by TalentAI this month. This week we have picked out the best performing artists in the pop genre and picked out our favourites.

(NB. For those of you already using TalentAI - we applied the following filters: artists have to be on a minimum of two Spotify playlists with over 10k followers & we capped direct followers at 30,000.)

So with the use of TalentAI, here are January’s Top 5 Pop artists:

1. Andrelli, Hearts & Colors - 25% of releases are viral pop

Former indie folk duo, Hearts & Colors found viral success back in 2016 when producer Andrelli remixed their track ‘Lighthouse’. Two years later, the trio return with new single Yung Luv. The acoustic piano ballads have been replaced by EDM beats and huge feel good choruses. TalentAI data shows that their infectious tracks are being very well received, with 25% of releases genre categorised as viral pop. They also have a significant and growing playlist following of 50m (as of January 2018).

2. Sam Fischer - 25% increase in direct followers in past 7 days

Having worked with a load of huge names including Nick Jonas, DJ Mustard and Jennifer Hudson, it is not a surprise that Sam Fischer has been growing rapidly over the last month. His debut solo EP ‘Not A Hobby’ is out this month, with recent releases ‘Getting Older’ and ‘Smoke’ the perfect teasers for his new electronic soul sound. With 4.8m playlist followers and features on 15 playlists with over 10k followers (TalentAI), it seems that the Australian’s vocals are set to make a real impact in 2018.

3. Sophie Rose - over 1.6 million playlist followers

TalentAI’s insight proves that single releases can be huge propellers for emerging artists. This has certainly been the case for LA based pop gem Sophie Rose, who’s latest single Two Young Lovers has generated 51.25% of her 15.6m playlist followers (TalentAI). Only 17 years-old, Sophie has already written an astonishing 500 songs and is working alongside top writers and producers to create her Billie Eilish and Dagny inspired pop efforts.

4. Emily Vaughn - over 10k direct followers

Independent Nashville based pop starlet Emily Vaughn has also harnessed a significant growth in playlist following this month. Her latest single ‘Over That’, produced by Yuppycult, is a synth-wrapped, sassy, electro-pop ode to a breakup and happier times. Her dreamy vocal tone, an impressive range and Yuppycult’s production delivers a unique and standout offering to the pop world. With over 1m playlist followers and 5,800 direct followers, she is certainly a voice to listen out for (TalentAI)

5. Franke - over 1.3 million playlist followers

Another independent artist growing significantly this month is Brooklyn born and raised Franke. Writing his first 12 track acoustic album at the age of 16, the young pop writer began developing his sound and style. With an early interest in the nuances of jazz, Franke has let his influences span multiple genres and musical eras. His new release Bad Tattoo, bridges a fusion between teen pop & R&B and it is a nothing less than a fun and catchy effort. According to TalentAI data, the track has pushed his playlist following to 1.9m, with features including ‘Electronica 2017/2018’ and Chill Nation.

The value of TalentAI in powering music scouting and A&R efforts worldwide has already being recognised by our current client roster to-date, which includes Atlantic, Warner Bros, Ultra and Good Soldier Songs. As TalentAI is rolled out worldwide, we will continue to share our monthly artist overviews on the Instrumental blog.

To find out how TalentAI can help your music scouting efforts, please get in touch via hello@weareinstrumental.com .