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The Latest Viral Sensation: Big Shaq

The Latest Viral Sensation: Big Shaq

Music, YouTube, Millenials, Teen Guys, Young Professionals
8 Nov 2017
by Charlie Austen

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Big Shaq, the latest viral sensation, has seemingly come out of nowhere!

Let's take a look at his emergence:

Michael Dapaah, AKA 'Big Shaq', rose to fame with his recent single 'Man's Not Hot', the music video for which has received 31m views in just 2 weeks. This was triggered by his appearance on Charlie Sloth's 'Fire in the Booth' on Radio 1Xtra in late August 2017. His sharp rise to fame is conveyed in Google Trends below:

However, Michael Dapaah, and indeed Big Shaq, had an internet presence before being exposed to the wider public on Radio 1xtra in August. 

Micahel began his acting career as an extra on the sitcom 'Meet The Adebanjos', a web series, before producing his own sketch show 'I'm So Dapaah'. At University Michael made a web series 'Dem 3' and
graduated in 2014 from Brunel University with a bachelor degree in theatre, arts, and acting in 2014. 

So when did Big Shaq emerge?

In 2016, Michael began working with filmmaker and director Marv Brown to produce 'Somewhere In London (SWIL)', a YouTube series. The first episode was uploaded in May this year with great success. All 6 episode received 100-150k views per episode in their first month of posting. These episodes featured Michael playing a variety of different characters, including Big Shaq and MC Quakez, in a mockumentary style series in which his characters pursued a career in the music industry.

The season finale in mid-July built up to the creation of MC Quakez's music video, 'Balance'. This was later released as an official music video that has since received 1.9m views.

The success of this YouTube series gave Michael a platform to grown his characters, MC Quakez and Big Shaq. He then convinced Charlie Sloth to allow him on 'Fire in the Booth', exposing the character Big Shaq to a wider audience.

This is an example of talent emerging online and growing into a worldwide phenomenon. Our TalentAI allows us to identify trends and find musical talent as well as social media talent. We can help identify and pair your brand with emerging talent, contact us if you want to find similar talent to Big Shaq or your very own social media sensation.

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